Monday, May 27, 2013

What I Would Wear to Prom - No. 2

Is prom season over now?

In case it's not, here's another outfit I'd wear to prom if I were a 17-year-old with mint green hair who went to shows every weekend to listen to her friends' bands play.

This ASOS dress is just the right kind of sparkly for prom while not being too over-the top. I'd save all my babysitting money for these Martha Davis shoes and top it off the outfit with earrings from Another Feather. I'd also ask my date not to give me a corsage (it would totally ruin the look no?).

I'd style my hair in a big and very backcombed french twist just like the models did at Louis Vuitton a few seasons back. Tutorial here (just add more backcombing to it). I'd also wear my makeup like they did because everyone looks good with a nude lip.

hair photo from this tumblr that turns everyone's hair pastel. it's great.

Another prom look.

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