Thursday, June 13, 2013

I used to be a blonde

Raise your hand if you used to be a blonde as a child and your hair is now brown but you keep dyeing it blonde? I know SO many blondes that are this way. In fact, I think that most blondes fall under this category!

Your hair gradually turned darker and darker as you grew older and you started getting highlights until you realized you weren't really a natural blonde anymore but it suits you and you identify with it so you keep doing it. You're a blonde at heart and honestly, you help keep salons in business, so we love you for it.

Well, here's a little nerdy hair talk for you about hair color: Just like your skin, the color of your hair comes from melanin. Apparently there are only two types of melanin for hair: eumelanin and phaeomelanin. Phaeomelanin is the type of melanin that makes redheads. Eumelanin makes blonde, brown, and black hair, depending on how much of it is present in the hair. If you had blonde hair as a kid, your body produced a low amount of eumelanin, and you turned brunette because something happened to make it produce more.

This explains why my sister, who was born blonde, now has jet-black hair. In the future, scientists will have figured out how to affect the production of melanin so you can go back to your 3-year-old blonde self without getting it colored with dyes. Crazy huh?

photographer: Valerie Dray
model: Quirine at NEXT PARIS
styling: Ana Li Mraovitch
hair: Rubi Jones
makeup: Khela Tyson

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The House That Lars Built said...

totally. I'm under that category, though (maybe I'm still disillusioned), it's still pretty light. I just identify with blonde. I always get confused when my husband says, "but you're not REALLY blonde". Huh?! Of course I am!


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