Friday, July 19, 2013

Wedding Hair Trial

Did you have a wedding hair trial? I offer my brides the option of having a one-hour hair trial before their wedding so we can both be on the same page on the day of. Not all my brides do it, which is fine, but it's perfect for brides who don't know exactly how they want to wear their hair or can't quite imagine what their hairstyle will look like on them.

Here's what I typically do with my brides on their hair trial :

1. Start off by looking at pictures of their wedding dress and hairstyle references they like.
Discuss headpieces. Are they wearing a veil, a flower, or changing their look after the ceremony?
3. The big question. Do they want to wear hair up or down?
4. I give my own opinion on how I imagine their hair should be.
5. We both come up with a hairstyle or a specific direction we'd like to go with.

6. I style their hair and do 2 or 3 variations of the finishing details. For example, if they're wearing their hair in a loosely curled side chignon, I do 3 chignon variations. Everything else remains the same but the bun itself changes so they can see different options.

I always encourage brides to take pictures of each style we try. By the time we do two or three variations, one of them usually really stands out to the both of us, and that's the one we pick for the big day. I usually undo the hairstyle so they go back to the real world with more “everyday” hair.

For the actual wedding day appointment, I usually ask for 2 hours for hairstyling because on a day like that, it's better to have too much time than to be rushed and stressed! 

Photo of my latest bridal client Sasha by photographer Sarah Hazelgrove


A. Verzello said...

Gorgeous bridal style. You're uber talented.

Suzane Mart said...
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Angela said...
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