Friday, August 16, 2013

Beach, Lake, and River Hair

How's your summer been? I spent a couple of weeks in a little village in the South of France with my husband and our dog. Being from San Diego, I grew up going to the beach regularly and couldn't imagine spending a summer without visiting the beach, but this summer changed that. We rented a car and spent our days exploring rivers and lakes, one of which was Lac de Sainte Croix, which had the most beautiful turquoise waters

All this summer bathing can take a toll on your hair though. In order to bring your hair back to tip-top shape, I recommend treating yourself to a salon treatment. In-salon treatments are different than any at-home mask or treatment you can have because a stylist takes a look at your hair's specific needs and makes a little concoction up for you out of products you can only get as a salon professional. One of my favorites is Kerastase Fusio-Dose Rituals. You should look into your own salon and see if they offer any salon-only hair treatments (they usually come with a head massage).

Parisians, you should also try the Leonor Greyl Institute treatments.


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Louise Usher said...

Totally agree! Best advice is to get the experts stuck in there :)


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