Friday, August 9, 2013

Ode to Curls that Have a Mind of Their Own

My hair went curly towards the end of 7th grade. The texture has changed with haircuts, color jobs, and the different cities I've lived in, but it's never gone back to its pre-pubescent state. My current hair color has somewhat damaged my ends (and I'm fine with that), which makes them straighter than the rest of my hair. Funnilly enough, this is kind of what my hair looked like at the end of 7th grade when it started growing out curly.

Although I've had my ups and downs with my own hair - scrunching it in my wannabe-chola phase, straightening it daily in high school, and letting it be wild in college... I am so happy now that I've completely embraced my natural crazy texture. My curls are not completely symmetrical. In fact, most curls aren't alike. That's the beauty of curly hair. Each curl has a mind of its own, it's like they each have little personalities. A word to my curly girls: don't fight them, let them be.

Experimenting with products and washing routines are the two things that probably helped me embrace my natural texture the most. Frizz was my biggest problem which is why I resorted to scrunching, flat ironing and other techniques. Here are my favorite anti-frizz products for all thick hair strands and fine hair strands. These work great on hair that ranges from the barely there wave to kinkiest of curls. It all depends on the thickness of your individual strands of hair.

Are your curls completely symmetrical or do they seem to have a mind of their own too? Have you come to terms with your natural hair texture? Do you hate frizz too?


Megan McKean said...

Ughh, frizz. A curly haired dames nightmare. My hair used to be smooth and straight until 7th grade too, hello puberty! 10 years later and, I'm now a master of tong-taming and my curls and I are in happy harmony!

sardine chic said...

Ah curls! Fought them for about 15 years, now trying to let them be. And liking it. But it's hard to keep them moisturized without wheighing them down. My hair is baby fine..

Ella_and_Louis said...
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Ella_and_Louis said...

This could be the story of my hair!
For years I tried to recover the smooth, straight hair I had as a child. What a waist of time and money!
I think straight hair is overrated... Now I'm very happy with my curly hair! Wild and messy! The true advice is the less you mess with it, the best it looks. Always pretty! The only think it continues to upset me, is the limit haircuts... The after-wash reality after a haircut. Which keeps me returning to the same one, which works! Does anyone suffers from this?

Annis said...

I have frizz, and not symetrical curls. Usually it a combinations of wavy and rally curly curls. i like my curls, but would love a more polished curl, but i guess the out of bed look is for me instead :-)

BooB said...

I have curls on the bottom half of my head and straight hair on top! so If I want curly hair I have to curl the straight part and if I want straight hair I have to flatten the bottom! My moms is the same way. She now just perms her top half and wears it curly all the time.

Elise Clark said...

Thank you, I loved this post.

My hair has been pretty much the same since I was born with curly dark hair. Maybe it is a bit less curly, but I think that has to do with length and my hair becoming more heavy.

I used to try defrizzing products (think frizz-ease and bio-silk), but I never had much luck. I will for sure look into the ones suggested~

Anica Lancuski said...

Thanks for the post too!
My curls and I were enemies until puberty - I had to comb it for hours each morning to make it flatter. At that time, my hair was curly with a big thick curls. My cousin convinced me to leave my hair alone and let it be curly, and it took me some time until I got used to my face surrounded by curls.
I have a rare chance to have my curls symmetrical from top to bottom, and they look like I did permanent :) Yet, it is thin (but silky!) and fragile (sun, snow, hat, etc - not good!), and I avoid hair blowing and products for fixing my hair. I like simplicity (I have a phobia from a brush and combing and adjusting my hair for hours) - shampoo and conditioner and that's it. Too much products on my head start itching me eventually, but I hate frizz (too) and conditioner works quite well for me. A simple thing that helps me against frizzing is that I do not rub my hair with a towel like a maniac after a shower (I don't comb it neither, never), and I go regularly to cut it
a nice weekend to you all (from Serbia) !

kat_e_taylor said...

I have curly/wavy but fine hair and I did not really embrace my hair until I got a great cut, which has made all of the difference, I still experiment with products - I swore by Sachajuan's Straight Out Gel but they reformulated and it is not the same, so now I a, playing around with a combo of Phyto and Origen products or a salt spray when I want to look a little more undone. But hands down, a good cut is a game changer. I feel like I am not fighting my hair anymore.

Laura Z. said...

I've never had anything but thick, curly hair. The amount of curl has varied through the years but it's always been there. And frizz? Whoa, I got that in spades! I've had nearly all styles of hair (never really had bangs because of the curls). I recently did a keratin treatment to last through the summer. It is like a God-send. Seriously, I have reduced the amount of time I spend on my hair by probably 90%, not to mention the reduction in hair products I use. Granted, it's kind of nasty stuff but what a difference it makes it may daily routine to get myself out of the house (with a toddler in tow).
While I really do appreciate your 'embrace the curls' point of view and even though I wouldn't say that I hate my curls, if given the choice, I think I might give them up for more predictable, lower maintenance hair. Hate me all you want but from my perspective curls=more time, money and grief to not look like an unkempt person.

jendar said...

I love your hair. I have heard that once you have babies your hair goes back to how it was before puberty. do you know if that's true? my hair was pretty straight before I got my period and now that I finally love my hair, I am terrified I will loose all my crazy curls. I have really learned to love them and know how to work with them. so hopefully I will never loose my curls.

sgarner88 said...

Are your curls completely symmetrical or do they seem to have a mind of their own too? Have you come to terms with your natural hair texture? Do you hate frizz too?

My curls appeared at 20 and had a huge mind of their own. Because my hair had been incredibly straight prior to this appearance I had no choice but to just GHD iron the crap outta them to keep them under control.

Its only been recently that I have learnt to use product and also the art of iron curling. So thankful for your blog. Helps me to remind myself that Im not the only 20 something still learning what works on top of the head :)

immaculate said...

I definitely use moisturizing shampoo and conditioners, and oil-based products after showering. I have found that a good combo is Saryna Key shea oil, jojoba oil, and a few drops of Chi serum. And then I put a few pumps of the shea oil into my ends everyday as well between showers. I have used Moroccan Oil and liked it as well.

I have a mix of curly and wavy hair. The hair itself is medium thickness, but I have a TON of hair. It's sort of straighter on top, and curlier on the bottom...both in terms of the hair underneath, and closer to the ends. It makes it difficult, because it always kind of bounces up around my shoulders (the dreaded triangle hair!), but it doesn't curl enough on top, even if there are crazy layers cut in. I'm really at a loss as to how to ask a stylist to cut my hair, because no matter what I ask for, or how high-end a place I try (which I can't afford all the time, I'm a student), I just can't seem to find the right cut for my hair.

Any advice you might have on this would be super appreciated!

Zoe said...

I'm so happy with my curls! They do have a mind of there own though, but that's the way I like it!

rubi said...

I'm always bummed when my favorite product is discontinued or has it's formula changed. It's hard for me to accept that it's usually for the best, glad you found a new alternative!

Laura Z,
I know where you're coming from with the Keratin treatment. I've had one before as well and it was so nice not to give my hair a single thought everyday. I just couldn't get over the chemicals in it!

Everybody is different but none of my clients hair has gone back to it's pre-puberty state after pregnancy. I hope you never loose your curls too!

I would try using curl-enhancing products on the top of your hair that's a little straighter than the rest. Good luck finding s hairstylist!


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