Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beauty Book Club No. 1

Inspiration for my work doesn't come out of thin air for me. I find that I am the most creative when I'm surrounding myself with things that I find inspiring. Books, films, spaces, people, and most importantly I need to really be working on something in order for something good to come of it. In other words, I can't be sitting on my computer hoping an idea for a hairstyle comes to mind, I need to be looking at references of inspiring things (not necessarily hair) and working with hair in order for the idea to come.

I often share art, people, films, and editorials that I find inspiring on here and I decided it's about time to share some of the books that fall under that category for me as well.

First off, Samantha Hahn's Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction's Most Beloved Heroines. It's a beauty!

I have worked with Samantha in the past year so it's no surprise I find her work incredibly beautiful and I can't think of a better first book for this series. It is filled with her signature watercolors, in which she portrays 50 of our favorite female heroines in literature.
“As an artist consumed by the female form, I could not resist the challenge of bringing each of the greatest women in literature (in my own opinion, of course) to life, as, reading intently, I see them spring forth in my mind.”
The way Samantha makes hair look on paper is so beautiful, especially curls - the curls she gave Wendy Darling from Peter Pan as well as Edna Pontellier from The Awakening make me want to brush out my curls and let them be as wild as can be. I also love that each portrait in the book makes me want to go back and read the story behind each heroine. It looks great on my coffee table.


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