Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Glitter Eyes at NYFW

Have you been following NY and London Fashion Week?

I was in NY and London for the shows and am so happy to be back in Paris having a little fashion show break with Cleo while the shows are in Milan. I feel like Style.com and so many other sites cover the shows way better than I ever could so you won't be seeing images from all the shows I work on here. As a hairstylist, my job is to be doing hair rather than taking photos of it and I like things that way. When I do get a chance to take photos you will find them on my instagram.

In a non-hair-related note: The photo above is my favorite makeup so far this season! ICB by Prabal Gurung was lead by hairstylist Anthony Turner and makeup artist Yadim. Yadim and his team gave the models the prettiest skin and the raddest glitter eyeshadow. Sometimes glitter can look dirty if not done right, but this was perfect. The nails were really cool too. Click here for a video and a closer look at the beauty from that show!

p.s. like the tissue paper clips?

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