Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Favorite Clips

Hairstylists can be very particular and even obsessive about their tools. We watch over our own tools like guard dogs because the good clips, brushes and pins can disappear at fashion shows all too quickly.  

So, here are a few of the tools I always keep in my kit, specifically the only hair clips I use for work.
1. Black Croc Clips: Why are they called croc clips? Maybe the "jaw-dropping" teeth... anyway, they can hold even the thickest section of hair up when doing blow dries or intricate hair styling.
2. Silver Duckbill Clips: These are less expensive, hold thick sections of hair in place as well and if you add a little tissue paper, you don't  have to worry aboout creases. Great for fingerwaves, 40s waves, and keeping hair in place before a model has to be on set or on the runway.
3. Pink No Crease Clips: These clips are pricy, so I only take them out when I can keep a good eye on them! The plastic on them prevents creases which is great for photo shoots or setting waves in place without using tissue paper to prevent creasing.


Becca said...

I love this image/pattern.

The box diet said...


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