Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

We talk about girls a lot on this blog and when I started coming up with Holiday Gift guides, for some reason men's products seemed to pop into my head a lot faster than women's. So, I'm starting my gift guides this year with products for the men in your lives.

1. Not only is this soap the best mint green, but it was also originally made for Portuguese aristocracy. It's a great face and body soap, perfect for a minimalist guy who doesn't want a million grooming products. Plus, it smells amazing. You know, like classic man.

2. A wallet. When is the last time he got a new wallet? I may be a little biased because my husband designed this one, I just love the simple design. I have used this same style (one of his prototypes) for 3 years now and it's held up really well. It also forces me to get rid of all the cards I used to hoard in my old wallets. His pockets will be way less bulkier when you get him one of these.

3. I love this shaving cream. I take it on set with me whenever I do men's shoots and everyone always loves it. Plus, you should check out the brand's website, it's pretty rad.

4. This is not shampoo, it's cleansing creme for your hair. It's perfect for someone who skips using conditioner (cough ::every guy::) because conditioner is completely unnecessary when you use this product. I've been using this for a few months now and have loved it, so this can also be a gift you get for him but really are getting for yourself ;).

5. This beard tonic bottle is just beautiful, plus the product is 100% natural.

6. My husband is obsessed with his Dopp kit. I had no idea they were such a big thing for men, but this one is my favorite on the web. 


Annabelle said...

Great list! This is just what I needed, thanks!

Hillary said...

100% buying that wallet for Todd for Christmas. Thanks, Rubi!


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