Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Smooth Blowdry Esentials

As a freelancer, I get the chance to try out new hair products all the time. Sometimes fashion shows I work on are sponsored by hair care companies who give us products to use on the show and take home at the end of the day (if/when there are leftovers). As you know, hair products can sometimes be pricey and as a hairstylist, you can go through it pretty quickly - not to mention how heavy lugging all these products around in my kit can be. Needless to say, sponsored fashion shows are mostly a plus and one of the best parts is that you end up using the products in ways you wouldn't have thought of before.

Backstage is how I first discovered Kerastase Mousse Bouffante and Bumble and Bumble Semi Sumo wax. Mousse is a classic volumizing product to be used on damp hair and waxes are typically used on shorter hair for shine and definition, and almost always on dry hair. I now use both products on damp hair to create a classic, smooth blowouts on straight, fine to medium hair. The way I use them is:
  1. I apply the Mousse Bouffante on damp hair from roots to ends. This gives you the right texture so you can create as much volume as you'd like while blowing it out and also adding thickness to finer hair so it can be shaped in whichever way you prefer. 
  2. I take a small dab of Semi Sumo and rub it between my hands. I apply the wax directly after the mousse by gathering the hair as if I'm going to put it in a ponytail and then twist the ends together with the product in my hands. This distributes just the right amount of Semi Sumo on the hairline, along the surface of the hair, and into the ends.
  3. I then blowdry the hair with a Mason Pearson or my favorite round brush, this is great on its own or also gives a good base for curls, up-dos or braids. I don't use too many products because straight, fine hair doesn't really need a lot, and the results are always a smooth, shiny blow out with the perfect amount of volume.
Do you have fine, straight hair? What products do you use when blowing it out? I feel like a lot of women I know don't really blow out their own hair anymore. If they do, they curl it or straighten it afterwards. What's your routine like?


H said...

Love your blog! I am always taking pictures from the "cut it" section to my hairstylist.

Lately I have been blowing out my hair often, usually just with a paddle brush and a tiny bit of some cheap smoothing cream that I apply to damp hair. In fact, my hair has gotten so long (for me - it comes to the bottom of my bra) that I am a bit at a loss. The weight of it is pulling out my natural wave and I feel like I have no choice but to blow dry! I would love some tips for longer hair - I do a lot of braids, etc. but even then, the weight seems to pull them out more quickly than it used to.

I always look forward to a new post :) thanks for all the great tips!

Chelsea said...

I am been on the hunt for the perfect thickening/voluminous product for my long, fine hair. Is the Kerastase your favorite? I have also heard good things about Living Proof and John Frieda Volume. I am desperate for some lift! Please advise.
LOVE your blog. xo

rubi said...


It sounds like you might need a haircut! If you want to keep it long then I would just get some weight taken out or long layers to make it easier to hold a style. Another option is using more product. Search "perfectly dirty hair" on the blog for some suggestions that I think would work with your hair.


rubi said...


Yes, this is one of my favorites! I use it all the time.


Tracy said...

I'd absolutely LOVE to be able to be backstage at a fashion show! I'm a total hair junkie so I will add that experience to my bucket list...sigh! I can not wait to try your combo for a great blow out. I tend to lose that "va-voom volume" after my blowouts. My hair guru uses Phytodefrisant Straightening Balm along with Phyto Intense Volume Mousse together to keep my natural curls at bay. I would have never thought to mix a straightener and a mousse together to achieve smooth volume. Thanks for your recommendation!


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