Monday, March 17, 2014

Half up Half down. Make up your mind.

I used to hate hair that was half up half down. It seemed so "in between"  to me, I felt like people needed to make up their mind. Plus, I felt like it usually ended up looking childish. This photo changed my mind though. Maybe it's the flowers, or maybe it's the dress... and it definitely has to do with the undone texture of the hairstyle itself, but it just works. What do you think?

Photographer: Sigurd Grünberger
Hair: Sherin
Model: Dorothea Barth Jörgensen


leah. said...

whenever i think of half-up-half-down hair i think of really bad wedding hairstyles that i have seen way too many of! but i like this photo and how the look is done here.

Carolynn Markey said...

I actually love the half up down look. It allows me to keep most of my hair out of my face but still have some drape!

rubi said...


Completely agree!

Angela said...

I usually love top knot updo in my home, but half up and half down also look great and feel comfortable when I go out.

Kate said...

Rubi- will you be moonlighting at Little Axe again in the coming months?

rubi said...


I will! I'm there for a few days just about every month. You can call little axe for dates.


Giulia said...

I wear it rather often but not so done like those bad wedding hairdos ppl speak of. Also, I use your mini crown do a lot & that is sort of up/down. you have a pretty pic of Lauren Bacall here somewhere & that's tech up/ guess it depends on how it's styled.

Lael said...

I like to wear my hair half up in a bun. I think it looks good when my hair is curly and thick- like when its humid out. If its too limp that day then it looks pretty dumb. :) Love your blog!

rubi said...


You're so right! I've totally had up/down styles on here before. Depends on how it's styled.



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