Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tutorial: Perfectly Dirty Hair

Perfectly Dirty Hair Tutorial from She Lets Her Hair Down on Vimeo.

I reference "Perfectly Dirty Hair" on the blog quite often. See here, here, here. "Perfectly Dirty Hair" is a bit dry, gritty, and never heavy or greasy, and it can be the base for almost every single hairstyle. Once you have this texture, your hair becomes magic. It will easily mold itself into a twist, braid, curls, or anything you wish. Watch this video on how to achieve that "Perfectly Dirty Hair" texture.

1. Spray a root lifter, salt spray or mousse from roots to ends.
2. Blow dry product into hair using just your hands.
3. When hair is fully dry, brush it with a boar bristle brush.
4. Spray hairspray or dry shampoo and now your hair has the foundation for any hairstyle.

Model: Meg at
Photographer: Valerie Dray at


Lael said...
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Lael said...

Yay! i like this a lot. What are the products? Mousse and hairspray?
How can I get my hair to be that perfectly dirty hair once its gone into oily territory? I use cornstarch as a cheap alternative to dry shampoo at the moment..

pharmacologypocast said...

nice video but not much use without telling what the products are


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