Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cut it like Yasmin Sewell

Being a hairstylist is always fun during Spring because clients are usually coming in for shorter haircuts. It seems like the sun coming out from hiding all winter long is the extra nudge that a lot of women need when they're thinking of making a big change with their hair.

Lately, my clients have been bringing in a lot of great short hair references, many thanks to Pinterest. One of them was the lady above, Yasmin Sewell. Her curly bob and great fashion sense has been photographed by street style photographers for a while, and my favorite images of her are from Vanessa Jackman's blog (a favorite street style blog of mine) which is where the image above is from.

If you want to have Yasmin Sewell hair, then be sure to ask your stylist for a graduated bob that isn't angled towards the front. It's much stronger when it's more square all around. It's obviously a look that looks great on curly hair, but this classic haircut is also great with straight hair. See here for a straight graduated bob example.

image via Vanessa Jackman


Melissa Fowler said...

How about styling products?? I am currently growing out a pixie and I have naturally curly hair. I am really trying to embrace this look :D


Jimo Salako from Salako London has been cutting Yasmin Sewell's hair for 15 years. www.salakolondon.com info@salakolondon.com


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