Friday, June 6, 2014

How I Brush My Hair

I recently started brushing my hair. I used to never brush it because I have incredibly thick wavy hair, and brushing it expands my waves. When you've been told you have enough hair for 5 people, a Mufasa mane is not necessarily the most wearable everyday look. I am always looking for products and techniques that will help me compact my hair instead. That means washing sparingly, oils that aren't greasy, and then letting my hair air dry without ever touching a brush or comb.

Lately though, things have changed. I always encourage clients with fine hair or who are trying to grow their hair long to brush it and regularly massage their scalp. A head massage always feels good, and combined with brushing, can help distribute natural oils throughout your hair, leaving your scalp fresh and encouraging blood flow. It's like gentle exfoliating. Since I wash my hair a couple times a week (sometimes a couple times a month), I've now been brushing it every 4 days. My waves can always use a refresher after day 3 or 4 so I brush it all at night, sleep on it so it compresses, and then mist it with this vitamin water in the morning so it'll air dry again.

This works with my fine-haired friends too. Some of them say their hair is thicker after 3 or more days of not washing. Brushing it well promotes a healthy scalp and can help extend a shampoo a little longer too. A little dry shampoo before brushing doesn't hurt either ;) Fat and the Moon is my current favorite.

Do you regularly brush your hair? Does your hair knot easily when you don't? Remember that myth about brushing your hair 100 times a day to have healthy hair?

Image photographed by Berry Berenson for American Vogue 1968


Hillary said...

When my hair hits shoulder/collar length it tangles all day long, so when it's long I have to brush it several times a day. I have a brush in my purse at all times.

Malorie said...

I always wish I could meet you and you could consult me--I have hair that is very similar to yours. I have the most hair of any of my stylist's clients, it's wavy and long and is so tricky! (Like, I don't identify with anyone who could actually put their hair up in a clip in the old days.) I'm constantly looking for new product to calm my hair, I wash about once a week. And I only brush before I wash. Right now I'm using bumble and bumble grooming creme after washing with some mousse made for curls. It's kind of working better but if you have any good suggestions let me know! Always looking for miracle cream. Do you like long layers or one length for your hair? Sorry, longtime reader and I am so curious!

rubi said...


It sounds like we do have similar hair! Bumble and bumble grooming creme is one of my all-time favorite products for my hair. Layers and one-length work well no my hair, it's just all about the hairstylist. Oils are my best friend though, I usually use an oil and then layer grooming creme or another similar cream on top of it.


Colette N.N. said...

I have inherited my mom's soft White hair and my dad's Black curls. For years I hated taking care of them because well, I didn't know better. But now, I only brush my hair when I am under the shower, after I have applied conditioner. It really makes a difference. I usually wash my hair 2-3 times a week, the rest of the time, I just spray it with water and essential oils and try to give my curls their life back and that's it. And yes, I used to brush my hair a lot growing up, because my mom always said that the more you brush, the better your hair will be.

Unknown said...

Hi Rubi, what brush do you use? Ps love each and every post :)

rubi said...


I use a wide-toothed comb and Mason Pearson. :) So happy to hear you love each and every post!


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