Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Young Carolina Herrera and Fangirling

I recently watched this interview with Tavi Genivson, you should all watch it or at least listen to it while working. It's so good. It inspired me to analyze the things I "fangirl" over.

We consume media so quickly nowadays, I sometimes feel like I look at blogs and love a photo but then forget it in 10 seconds. Listening to this interview inspired me to look a little deeper into why I like a certain image, art piece, person, artist... Tavi mentioned that it is usually because of emotional associations you relate to the subject which reflects on yourself. Those associations makes that thing you like uniquely special because you like it for different reasons than the anyone else.

This post is about why I fangirl over this image of young Carolina Herrera (which unfortunately I can't find the original source to :( ).

1. Her hair, makeup and clothing reminds me of images of my mom in the 70s. Carolina Herrera's style is iconic and she has built an equally iconic brand and I love that she is Latina like my mom and me. She is Venezuelan-born, my family is Mexican. There is always a sense of Latin pride among Latin Americans.
2.  One of the first big production shoots I worked on was a week-long shoot for Carolina Herrera. I assisted one of my favorite hairstylists on it and while it was a lot of work, it was also a lot of fun.
3. Her perfect hair. I love taking down a well-done set and brushing it out into the perfect look like hers. The texture is so perfectly moldable and bouncy. You should all try it sometime.
4. The greenery and outdoor furniture remind me of one of the first shoots I worked on while I was still in hair school. I did the hair for a test shoot (a shoot solely for portfolio purposes) with Nicole Hill in one of the most beautiful outdoor gardens I've seen. See the images here.
5. I knew I had seen a ceiling and columns similar to the ones in this image before. Once at a church in Mexico and on my trip to Morocco last year. Wouldn't you love to have a home with a space like that?

Do you ever stop yourself and analyze why you really "like", "repin", or share an image? Do you fangirl over stuff?

images: Carolina Herrera (source not found), mom (personal scan),  CH hot air balloon ad, Elnett ad, Nicole Hill, Morocco (personal)

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