Monday, July 8, 2013

Cut It :: Chloe Sevigny

Guys, these bangs are the bomb. Remember saying "the bomb" in the 90s? Leave it to Chloe Sevigny to pull off bangs like these. They're something I would normally dread because if they're done wrong, they're just weird wispy bangs. Done right, and boom!

I couldn't pull these off - my hair is too thick. They work best on fine hair that's relatively straight or with a little bit of a wave to it. I think they look best with this hair that reaches the collarbone, but I've seen a version of these with long hair too.

To get this look, you'll have to ask your stylist for a long bob that brushes up against your collarbone. It should be all one length (that means no layers) and the main attraction is your tiny bang section. It is a small triangle in the middle of your forehead that is long enough to reach the top of your brows. You'll part it down the middle and swish both sides of the bangs to the either side.

Add a little Brilliantine or Creme for Style to your hair for to keep in place (just a tiny bit) and you're good to go.

graphics designed by Becca Clason for She Lets Her Hair Down  

1 comment:

barcadichasers said...

It Looks good on her, but not on me. i´m just growing my bangs out and while she rocks it, i look like an idiot. :D


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