Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cut it like Winona Ryder

Don't you want to look like Winona does in this photo? Not only is her hair incredible, her coral-tinted lips and strong brows just complete the look. If the lips and a little brow wizardry isn't enough for you, then here's what you should tell your hairstylist so you can communicate exactly what you love about this cut. Because sometimes, it can feel like you and your hairstylist speak different languages! As always, take this with a grain of salt because I'll be the first to tell you that even when there may be strict parameters or rules to something, there are ALWAYS exceptions.
First of all, this haircut is best for straight hair, or at least it will look most similar to Winona's in this photo if you have straight hair. Thick, medium, or fine hair? No biggie, this cut is for you. Do you like to spend time on blow drying your hair? Well, give that up because this is a total wash and go cut, the less fuss the better.

Ask your stylist for an undercut. This will lay the best if it is undercut, BUT you need a great stylist so they can know what type and amount of undercut to give you with your specific hair texture and head shape. An undercut does NOT always look like this. The length of the rest of your hair should graze your ears and lips. It should have texture too but I avoided putting that on the graphic because sometimes stylists or people misread texture for something that it isn't (i.e. wispy, spikey...). This texture should involve minimal cutting or "texturizing" and just happen naturally or with the help of a little product.

Winona Forever. or Wino Forever?

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