Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dreamy Dreamy Hair Color References Part III

The first thing that came to mind when I saw these botanical images by photographer John Grant was how beautiful the same tones would be as hair color. Imagine a powder pink wig with some minimal yellow and golden tones alongside shades of deeper pink. It would look great on someone's real hair too, but my mind immediately goes to models and working with this wig on a beauty or fashion editorial.

What do you think? Would you dye your hair with any of these images as color references? Would you take one of these flowers to your next hair appointment and say you want your hair color like this poppy shade of orange? I think the right colorist could undoubtedly help you pull it off.

See other dreamy hair color references.

All botanical images by John Grant Studios // Charlotte Carey color by Aura Friedman // Natalia Vodianova in Vogue hair by Julien dY's // Soo Joo Park // Pink and Yellow Hair

p.s. While finding photos for this post I realized so many people Photoshop color hair on the internet. They should become hairstylists in real life because some of them have insane color placement!


Natasha zedan said...

Are you working in NYC at the moment? I'm here and would love for you to dye my hair after seeing this post, I'm already bleached white, but I've always dyed my own hair and it'd be amazing to have someone with your eye for color dye my hair!

rubi said...


I am working in NYC right now but I only do cutting and styling. I take clients at Little Axe Salon in Williamsburg. The colorist there is amazing and could totally add some color to your bleached locks. Email me if you'd like or check out


Hillary said...

These color inspiration posts are probably my favorite.

Jordan Roberts said...

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