Monday, August 25, 2014

Books I Want On My Bookshelf

My apartment in Brooklyn has 12-foot ceilings, which means that naturally my husband thought we needed a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. We compromised and began the bookshelf at around the 4th foot. Needless to say, it could use a few more books to fill it out, so I made a list of books I want on my bookshelf. 80% of the books on this list are for hair inspiration :). What are some of your favorite art books? I'd love any recommendations! I'm mostly looking for art, fashion, and photography books.

1. Gustav Klimt // 2. Advertising from the Mad Men Era // 3. A Denim Story // 4. 78-87 London Youth // 5. Helmut Newton Polaroids // 6. Amber, Guinevere & Kate photographed by Craig McDean (Guinevere cover) // 7. Henry Darger


Kelly Rae said...

The Henry Darger book is great :)

Lael Dalal said...

I also want to say I love Henry Darger and it makes me smile he is on your list!

I love Erwin Wurm, Bill Burke, to name a few .

Love your blog!


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