Friday, August 29, 2014

You Should Get This Pixie

This is not your typical pixie. Let's begin with the bangs - all pixies have bangs, but this haircut is saying, "I really want my bangs on my forehead, ok?" So even if they sweep here or there, this look will always have bangs of some sort. Another thing about typical pixies is that the hair around your ears is usually cropped to expose them a bit, not too harshly but in a feminine way. This pixie doesn't necessarily do that - the ears aren't exposed, yet it doesn't look heavy or unbalanced (that's when you know you've got a good stylist on your head).

This pixie is for someone with wavy hair that is not very fine because it needs a medium to thick amount of hair to carry the look. Above is what you should tell your hairstylist so you can make sure you speak the same language when getting your hair cut, because you know we've all been there before. Have you ever had a pixie? Did you like it?

*Here's another pixie tip.

image via Bumble and bumble.


redfox said...

Any thoughts on how something like this might work as the front bits of a longer haircut? Would it be weird and mullety, or do you think it's doable as a good face-framing/bangs aspect of a longer cut? Would it be insane to take this picture as a photo reference for such a concept? (I have thick wavy hair and am intrigued.)

Colleen said...

it kind of reminds me of Shirley Maclaine in The Apartment!

B said...

The nineties are back! This is some classic brit-pop hair.

rubi said...


With the right hairstylist, this could look so rad in a longer length. Especially with your thick and wavy hair!


ella said...


I really want to cut my bangs to be like Anna Karina's in the film "Bande a Parte". They aren't her usual bangs, they're more sparse I suppose. Any tips?


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