Tuesday, October 21, 2014

FKA twigs, GoogleGlass, and Vogue Battles

Have you watched FKA twigs #throughglass video yet? I've just been waiting for people to start taking wearable technology like Google Glass and Fitbits and all the other wearable technology people are inventing and make them not so nerdy. It's inevitable, and this video proves that it's happening.

I've talked about FKA twigs before and she just keeps getting better and better. She and all her doppelgangers in the video have the most incredible braids, pigtails, and gelled baby hairs! It takes commitment and confidence to pull off pigtails like that and not look like a 6 year old and they know how to do it. I just can't get over it.

The dancing. Do you know what Voguing is? I first learned about Voguing from a couple of different friends in my neighborhood growing up. We used to have "Vogue competitions" and go through training in our apartment complex playground. Another friend taught my sisters and me a choreographed dance to Madonna's Vogue a few years later so we could perform it at a talent show (he played Madonna of course). At the time I just thought it was dancing and modeling, but when I moved to New York I re-learned the term from a couple of my first work friends and mentors at Bumble and bumble. They insisted I watch Paris Is Burning immediately and WOW. Although I don't even pretend to know how to Vogue or even carry a rhythm (to say the least), I love and appreciate this culture and everyone in it. It was such a dream to be on set with a couple of Vogue dancers last year on a shoot I did for V Magazine.

Watch the video below!

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jendar said...

My boyfriend and I are obsessed with this video. I just love her and her whole look so much! I am extremely jealous of her moves.


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