Thursday, January 8, 2015

Don't Dismiss the Low Pony

Ponytails are staples during fashion week, but as you may suspect, a runway ponytail has to be stepped up a notch compared to your typical running-out-of-the-house pony. So what's the difference between the two? Here are a few tips on how to elevate your everyday low pony to runway-worthy status.

1. Going for a messy look? No problem, spray a little salt spray throughout your hair so the texture matches from roots to ends. Clean it up a bit by creating a clean middle part using your fingers or a tail comb. Tuck your ears underneath your hair and brush your hair into place using your fingers to keep the softness while still having a little bit of structure. Use a thin elastic to tie off your ponytail as low as you can and apply a little bit of oil to your ends if they seem a little too unruly.

2. Put a bow on it. Who did it first? Heathers the movie or this Calvin Klein Sport ad shot by Bruce Weber? They both came out in 1988 but the look can still work today. If bows aren't your thing, you can easily use any other accessory to amp up an otherwise more natural low pony.

3. Make a statement with a middle part and a super-clean ponytail. This is great on really long hair, or thick hair. Use little or no product and a Mason Pearson brush to gather your hair into a really clean, low ponytail. Wrap your own hair around the base to cover the elastic and flat iron the rest of your ponytail so it really swooshes when you move. This would work just as well if your hair is on the finer side. And you won't believe what a difference it makes to hide your elastic with your own hair.

images: 1: J.W. Anderson Spring 2014, 2: Calvin Klein Sport 1988 by Bruce Weber, 3: Valentino SS15 Couture by Dazed Digital

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