Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Muse :: Bianca Jagger

I've always been a fan of Bianca Jagger's style - her hair in the 70s was flawless, that iconic photo of her and Mick Jagger in a car on their wedding day is just incredible, and you can tell she always knew how good she looked. Looking at all these photos of her really makes me want to up my everyday game.

I fell in love with Bianca Jagger while finding these images not only because of her incredible hair and fashion sense, but her humanitarian work. This woman is really incredible and now a total muse of mine for so many reasons. Did you know she has campaigned for human rights, environmental protection, and social and economic justice for over 30 years? She was born in Nicaragua, went on a Political Science scholarship to Paris and has done an incredible amount of work in South America since then. This story below was jaw-dropping for me - I mean, who couldn't love this woman after hearing this?
" 1981, Ms. Jagger traveled to Central America, as part of a US Congressional fact-finding mission to visit La Virtud, a UN refugee camp in Honduran territory close to border with El Salvador. During her visit, an armed death squad from El Salvador crossed the border, with the Honduran army’s blessing, entered the camp and rounded up about 40 refugees. The refugees’ thumbs were tied behind their backs; we feared the death squads were going to take the hostages across the border to El Salvador. Ms. Jagger, the delegation and the relief workers decided to follow the death squads. The families of the hostages joined them and together they ran along a dry river bed for about half an hour, armed only with cameras. During the chase, they were taking photographs. They all feared that the death squads were going to kill the hostages once they arrived in Salvadorian territory. Finally, they came within earshot of the death squads and the hostages. The death squad turned around brandishing their M-16's. Fearing for their lives, Ms. Jagger and the relief workers began to shout, “You will have to kill us all,” and, “We will denounce your crime to the world.” There was a long pause. The death squads talked among themselves and, without explanation, turned around leaving their hostages behind - unharmed. This experience was a turning point in Ms. Jagger’s life. She realised the importance of being a witness when innocent people’s lives were at stake and how a small act of courage can save lives and make a difference."- Huffington Post
Bianca Jagger makes the world a better place (see here for more proof) and looks great while doing it. Inspiring to say the least.

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jendar said...

I had no idea she was latina. what an inspiring woman.


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